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Our company is specialized in the production of vacuum pumps and vacuum unit of the backbone enterprises.

Performance vacuum pump consists of the high pressure stage and low pressure stage with each other, the suction port is connected to the vacuum vessel, equipment operation, a large number of gas in the container suction and discharge. When obtaining vacuum, high pressure stage exhaust valve closing piece, high pressure level and the gas will be transferred to the second stage, and after the second stage suction and exhaust, vacuum equipment thus obtain certain vacuum. Our company based on user usage, with vacuum booster pump, as the pump before the pump, due to the strengthening of the booster pump suction force, before the pump is pumping continuously, prompting you to obtain a higher vacuum equipment . Pump and motor coupling with high speed, small form factor, compact structure, characteristics liquidity to facilitate the work of companies, especially metal scraping for diffusion pump before the pump.

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